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Songwriter, ASCAP member, (UMPG Publishing)
Original harmony and vocal arrangements, music covers and sketch collaborations for film, television, commercials, concert and theatrical.
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I enjoy songwriting and writing harmony arrangements, I write original melodies and vocal arrangements with an emphasis on harmonics.

I joined ASCAP in my early 20s as a songwriter at Tabu Records. You're listening to a stream of my snips from theHarmonictouchmusic music playlist..
Visit Rhythm Channel One music channel on You Tube and my music profile on Soundcloud to browse more of my music and music Playlists.

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Back In Time - snip of my harmony cover of Back In Time from the OST of Moon Embracing The Sun. Original Track

Sideways In Love - 1:37 of my cover of Eso es produced by Viggo.

Stay - background vocal cover of Pauline Wilson's version. Video

Smile - original vocal and harmony arrangements on Michael Jackson's classic version of "Smile." Video.

Hotline Bling - snip of v1 of my cover of Hotline Bling by Drake. Video

At Your Best You Are Love - cover of remix by Zumoku vs Rinzumo of the tune At Your Best You Are Love. Video.

Deep Blue Sea cover of the splendid smooth ambient jazz music of composer Nicolas Bulostin, founder of Aqualise
dedicated to spreading awareness about protecting and conserving the Planet's oceans for future generations. The track is "Beauty Beneath the Waves." Video.

If I Let You Know - original cover song written to the instrumental track Lucky from the OST for Boys Over Flowers. Video

Melt Down tag from my cover of music produced by Patrick Bergeron aka DJ Creath, the track is Good Moments.

For Your Eyes Only vocal arrangements + background harmonies on this lovely London Starlight Orchestra version of the theme music
from the movie For Your Eyes Only. This version features pan flute performances by Gheorghe Zamfir and Dana Dragonir.Video.

Dear Mother Cover of lovely guitar music Smile of A Little Angel composed by Bard Kvale.

You Hold My Heart. recorded to the lovely orchestrated ambient chillout track, "In Reel Life (Evolution II)" by The Cinematic Orchestra. Video.

Love Won't Wait For Love, co-written with producer Sigidi, released on the S.O.S. Band's 1st RIAA certified double-platinum LP S.O.S. Band.

Your Love, It's The One For Me, co-written with producer/arranger Gene Dozier, released on the 3rd RIAA certified gold LP S.O.S. III.

Steppin The Stones, song co-written with producer/arranger Gene Dozier, released on the S.O.S. Band's 4th RIAA certified gold LP On The Rise.

FREE harmony and vocal arrangement cover of this unreleased song written by Michael Jackson and released in the BAD 25 Box Set.

Yesterday Once More - tagline tagline of harmony cover of The Carpenters' classic track Yesterday Once More.

Talk To Me, background vocal for Keith Washington.

Heartrise, cover of Ice 7 produced by Takai. Video

Wantin' Some You, cover of r&b instrumental track produced by Bradley McIntosh. Video

Love In The Making, cover of elctronic ballad produced by Takai. Video

Lovin' You - Beginning To End, cover of r&b track composed by Marlo Henderson.

Make My Heart, background vocal cover of Newoaknl's 'Gametime' Video remix.

Time For Love snip of cover of "Views From The Darkness" soundtrack music composed by Takai. Video

Open Your Heart Cover of music composed by Takai. Video

How Do I Begin (To Say Goodbye), the tag of my cover of the "Chill Mix" of Lost In The Sea, by Aqualice. Video

Get Your Love The tag of my working cover on a lovely smooth emotion/electronic/r&b track composed by Takai. Video

You Turn Me Around original cover of music composed by Takai. Video.

Wantin' Some U + Heart & Soul two covers I recorded on r&b tracks produced by Bradley Mcintosh. Video

I'm Watchin' You background vocal textures, harmonies and hook on a Crystal Heart remix of Heart of Wax, recorded by Blank & Jones and Vanessa Daou. Video


What The World Needs Now original harmony arrangements on Luther's beautiful version of this song
with its poignant message that stands the test of time. Video.

Midst of A Dream 1:28 of my cover of the beautiful electronic ballad, Dreams In The Rain, produced by Takai. Video

Where You Are Singing lead harmony and background vocal arrangements on this beautiful favorite. Video

It's Time 1:44 of my cover of Beyond Time (Ambient Edit), by Blank & Jones. Video

Time Out for Love Snip of my cover of chillwave ambient soundart track produced by Manom Project producer Zoran Petrnelj. Video

Dos Corazones - cover of Broken Glass composed by Takai. Video.

A Reason Why a bit of my cover of a very touching electronic ballad composed by Takai. Video.

Danger, cover of Energy Barrier another smokin' r&b track composed by Takai. Video

Walk On By, jazz vocal cover of a reharmonization cover by producer Derrick Williams. Video.

Free Your Mind, cover of a jazzy r&b track produced by Marlo Henderson. Video.

Beautiful Girl, background vocal cover of Michael Jackson's original song Beautiful Girl. Video.

Crystal Light, cover of the dreamy Longing For Crystal Light electronic ballad composed by Takai. Video.

Gone Too Soon, harmony vocal cover of Michael Jackson's version. Video

Time To Say Goodbye, cover of a smooth r&b ballad produced by guitarist Marlo Henderson. Video

Heart and Soul, original cover of a beautiful r&b instrumental track produced by Bradley McIntosh. Video

I Will Always Love You, harmony vocal cover of Whitney Houston's version. Video

It's Called Love, cover of the piano instrumental ballad Letting Go, composed by Roy Todd. Video

Acapulco, jazz vocal cover of Acapulco by newage jazz group Jazeboo. Video

Love Will Find A Way, original flip on instrumental track for the tune "Old Friend" recorded by Phyllis Hyman.

Never Ending Hope, cover of a beautiful electronic ballad composed by Takai. Video

One More Chance, background vocal arrangements and harmonies - Michael Jackson version.

Love Too Good To Last, snippet of background vocal cover of the r&b classic recorded by Phyllis Hyman. Video

Play With Your Heart, original cover version of r&b instrumental track produced by Dizz, over at Dizzla D Music. Video

Chase of the Heart, cover of a mad r&b track produced by guitarist Marlo Henderson. Video

Find Your Way, cover of the beautiful Colour of My Love, song, written by David Foster. Video

You're Right, 2:04 of my demo of an original cover of a jazzed-up r&b track produced by guitar legend Marlo Henderson. Video

Here I Am - snip of my cover of track from the 4MEN and Mi version from the Secret Garden OST. Video.

Somebody Already Broke My Heart, background vocal cover of Sade version.

Sogno Ancora Di Amore (Dreaming of Love Again), jazz vocal cover of Lullaby by Diego Baiardi and Antonio Crepax. Video

The Untouched Love, cover of pop/r&b ballad composed by guitarist Marlo Henderson. Video

It's A Dream For You And Me, cover of r&b track produced by Takai. Video

That's How Heartaches Are Made
Harmony vocal arrangements on the Bette Midler version of this lovely classic soul ballad written by Bob Halley and Ben Raleigh.

Watch My Body Work, 1:57 snip of a cover of a latinish r&b track produced by guitarist Marlo Henderson. Video

Big Boy, one of the first harmony covers I recorded singing harmony with Michael Jackson - 1:22 snip of cover of Big Boy, by Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5.

Say Wha ... 2:22 cover snip of The Message (Instrumental), produced by Dre. Video

Sensuality In Me Jazz vocal cover of a smooth r&b guitar track by coffeebreakgrooves

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